Creating the Perfect Menu for Your Event


When it comes to pleasing the palettes of your guests, a great place to start is considering the time of day. Is it a brunch-time office meeting? An afternoon wedding? A late night gala? Does your event only last an hour, or does it span for a whole day? Start with the event logistics and consider when your party will be ready to snack and sip.


Aside from main courses, there is a good chance your guests will need something to nibble on. If you are planning to have any standing transition time within your event, it’s a perfect time to serve tray passed bites. Think of a cocktail hour at a wedding, or downtime at a networking conference. If you already have a portion of time where your guests are entertaining themselves, definitely include accoutrements! 


The night is moving along and it’s time for dinner. Remember, you have options in terms of your catering services. A more formal setting may require a plated dinner with courses and servers. A large party could benefit from a buffet-style service so people don’t have to wait a long time to be served. Consider the guest count when deciding on a style of meal service. Festival season? Get creative and include a food truck catering service. JULEP venue can accommodate outside vendors, and we love ourselves a good food truck party!


It’s important to remember that not everyone has the same diet. Dietary restrictions can seem like such a pain when planning an event, but paying extra attention to detail will give your food-specific guests an amazing and personalized experience. Always have a vegetarian option; vegan is even better because it doubles up as a dairy-free option! Many people have to eat a gluten-free or kosher diet. To help keep track of these requirements, add a question on your RSVP to have people specify their preferences.


Food is great and everything, but the party menu isn’t complete until you get a little boozy! When planning an event at JULEP venue, you also get the expertise of the Snake Oil Cocktail team. They can suggest beverages to not only make the bar menu perfect for your guests, but to pair well with any dinner or appetizer selections.

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