Things You Should Know When Choosing a Venue


First things first, let’s talk numbers. There is no reason to tour multiple spaces if they will ultimately be outside of your budget for an event venue. Set your budget early to narrow down your search and make picking a space a smooth process. At JULEP venue, we have a flexible space with a variety of layouts available to customize your event and adjust your budget.


When it comes to space and cost, the biggest factor of all is your guest count. Many vendors (like food and bar catering) need to charge on a per person basis. Knowing an accurate guest count is vital when finding a venue to book, and will help your vendors prepare for the event. This will also prevent you from accidentally renting a space that holds 200 when you end up with 400 guests. Be prepared, and get RSVPs!


A major downside of many venues is the inability to bring in your own vendors. Preferred lists are common, but it might limit you from bringing in that Pinterest-level photo booth company, or the food truck of your dreams. Be sure to ask if outside vendors are allowed. At JULEP venue, we like giving you the flexibility to design your event to its full potential. That said, we have our own list of superstar vendor recommendations that are JULEP-approved!


The time of year and location of your event will play a role in the weather situation. When choosing a venue, ask about plans and accommodations for extreme weather. If your event is on the patio and it starts raining, what’s the protocol? Asking these questions early while they’re still “what ifs?” will give you the resources and peace of mind if anything changes last minute.


Most venues will put you in touch with an onsite coordinator. If you are planning your wedding or event yourself, know who your contact is and communicate any questions or specifications early. If you have an event coordinator, get them both in touch so they can do what they’re best at and run the show!


Before committing to a space, think about location and transportation. How close is it to public transit? Is there onsite parking? How much parking? These are important elements to think about during the planning process. JULEP venue has a full parking lot and is 5 minutes from San Diego airport. We want your guests’ arrival to be easy breezy.

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