Tips for Hosting the Perfect Influencer Event


Influencer events are a powerful marketing tool, but in order to give your guests their ideal experience, the more organization the better. A detailed schedule will help ensure the event runs smoothly, and your influencer guests will know what to expect and can plan their own busy schedules accordingly! It’s always a good idea to factor in some down-time so people have time to take photos and create social content at their own leisure.


When picking a venue, lighting is KEY! A primary purpose for influencer events is to curate content, so set up your guests for success. The better their photos look, the more likely they are to want to post. At JULEP venue, we have floor-to-ceiling windows that produce the dreamy natural bright light of every Instagrammer’s dreams. Along with that, consider staging some areas for people to be able to snap pictures. Rental furniture is a great way to add some elegance and create an Instagrammable backdrop! Check our vendor list for a few of our favorite event rental companies.


Though it may be tempting to blast the event everywhere and have a public open-invite, sticking to RSVPs and tickets will take a ton of stress away the day of the event. Not only will you have a much more accurate idea of the guest count, but you will overall be in more control of the flow of the event. That said, it doesn’t mean you need to have a small party! At JULEP venue, we can seat 500. Encourage your influencers to bring a +1 – not only will they need a pal to hang out with, they need someone to take photos!


Pick a memorable, relevant hashtag for your event. Put it on everything – all marketing materials, menus, signage, the works. It can seem repetitive, but out of sight is out of mind when it comes to posting on your Instagram. It’s an easy miss if the hashtag isn’t obvious, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on any awesome content or social tags. This is a great idea to highlight any included vendors as well; a cute sign with all the vendor social accounts is both thoughtful and helpful.


Goody bags aren’t just the little birthday party bags from your childhood! Get vendors involved and excited to participate in giving away some collateral. Swag bags have so much opportunity at influencer events. Not only does everyone love getting free stuff, there’s a great chance that if the swag bag is epic enough, it will also get posted by your guests!

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