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YOUR JULEP venue moments elevated:

~ simple ~ creative ~ innovative ~ fresh ~ delicious ~ precise ~ direct ~ spirited ~

These carefully chosen promises describe the experiences CULINARYconcepts and JULEP venue will deliver to you throughout the planning process and execution of your next event. Along with kindred spirits at Snake Oil Cocktail Co., CULINARYconcepts is honored to be chosen as one of the preferred full-service caterers at JULEP venue. Chef Donald Coffman’s food speaks for itself, but what is offered is so much more; our culinary family will deliver unforgettable experiences rooted in sharing great food with friends, family, and co-workers.

CULINARYconcepts | JULEP Preferred Caterer

CULINARYconcepts’ experienced event planning team will guide you through the entire process. The team will craft your ideal menu, coordinate your event details and prepare your meal FRESH on-site. The team absorbs the details, allowing you to breathe easy knowing our creativity and 30 years of experience will elevate your most important moments at JULEP venue. From concept to completion, CULINARYconcepts is committed to excellent food, superb service and seamless execution.

CULINARYconcepts | JULEP Preferred Caterer


Specially Curated and Crafted

Your creative.fresh.delicious custom menu will be imaginative and responsible, featuring layers of flavors that will wow your senses. All food is cooked FRESH on-site to ensure your guests are served the highest quality cuisine. Your event planning process includes guidance and expertise from your CULINARYconcepts event specialist, Chef Coffman and his culinary crew, operations department, and warehouse team, ensuring we’ve captured every detail for every phase of your event. 


Meet the Chef

Chef Donald Coffman’s menu and creative process reflect a passion and commitment to promote local, sustainable and responsible menus. Chef Coffman creates delicious food from healthy plants and animals; a focus that builds communities and celebrates cultural heritage while promoting regional diversity. Chef Coffman insists the foods he serves are grown & harvested with sustainable methods that benefit our local ecosystems & promotes biodiversity. You know when you have experienced Chef Coffman’s cuisine— multi layers of flavors and textures, and your pallet goes on a culinary adventure. 

CULINARYconcepts | JULEP Preferred Vendors

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