Founded in 2010, Snake Oil Cocktail Company is Southern California’s preeminent beverage catering and consulting firm. We specialize in creating immersive full-service beverage experiences for select bars, special events and award-winning restaurants nationwide. Underlying our work is passion, and a deep-seated respect for the five fundamentals of culinary mixology: simplicity, seasonality, quality, creativity, and taste.

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The magic is in the bottle. It’s an ode to the days of the traveling medicine shows, when Snake Oil salesman would ply their trade from a wagon stage and boast of the mysterious powers of their bottles of snake oil elixirs. All of our cocktails are made with the freshest ingredients, often hand pressed or juiced just prior to our events. We promote our mixes as a healthy tonic to vitalize and nourish while consuming alcohol.

Photo: Rachael Smith


Imagine More.

Snake Oil event mixologists understand how the right beverage experience can transform even the most mundane event into something magical and unforgettable. Each event is special whether it be a wedding, a corporate event, a product launch or a gala, and our signature cocktails can help tell your story.


By Snake Oil Cocktail Co.

Strong beverage programs are built on a foundation of great care. Our team will work with your bar or restaurant to comprise a beverage program and cocktail lists that can be easily facilitated by any employee. We demonstrate how quality cocktails with fresh ingredients will actually cut costs and we understand how to make great cocktails without sacrificing efficiency. Snake Oil cocktails are designed to stick!

Photo: Rachael Smith

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