Wedding Tips for Grooms

Sep 20, 2020 | TIPS


The most important thing in this detailed process is being present! Take the time to think through decisions together, whether or not you have much of a vested interest. Showing that you are engaged and involved in the planning process will give your spouse the extra comfort and support they need through potential chaos.


Plan ahead. It’s so easy to get excited and dive right into planning and spending, but the more organized and clear you and your partner are on the budget, the better. It’s easier to allocate funds to designated portions of the event ahead of time than to run out of budget and cut corners where you didn’t intend to. Money is always stressful, so help yourself (and your partner) out ahead of time by creating structure.


This is your time to shine! Impress your spouse by taking all the stress off of the rehearsal dinner. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for help planning and setting up. Many restaurants have rooms to rent out for this sort of occasion! Ask about packages and deals when hosting for a large group (drinks too!). Your wedding party and family will be jazzed and ready for the special day.


Winging it is never the best move. Though your thoughts should be straight from the heart, practicing your vows is a great idea, especially if you and your partner are saying them aloud at the ceremony. Grab your best man and do a quick run-through with him.


Who said fashion and gifts are just for the ladies? Embrace the fun of having your own personal entourage, and take the dudes out for their fitting or shop for outfits together. Adding some personal touches to the outfit (like fun socks or choice of accessories) is a perfect way to engage your groomsmen and get them excited. Pro tip: watches make great gifts, while elevating and adding to the overall look. 


The day is over, you survived the dance floor, and ate way too much cake. The fun doesn’t stop here, it’s honeymoon time! Start your vacation planning early while your honey is stressing over guest list, florals, and details. Booking travel early will not only save money on tickets, but will give you peace of mind as the big day gets closer. Go big or go home – but don’t worry about spending loads of money. Heartfelt letters, disposable cameras, and a nice bottle of wine are some easy details to add special memories without breaking the bank.




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